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Breakfast menu - Temporary unavailable !

1. Ham and cheese platter, butter, vegetables, baked goods, coffee, tea
(3pcs ham, 3pcs cheese, 2x20g butter, 2x croissant, bread, vegetables, instant coffee with milk or tea, lemon)
2. Pastries, jam, honey, butter, fruit, coffee-tea 
(2pcs pastries, 2x 20g butter, 20g honey, 20g jam, fruit, instant coffee with milk or tea, lemon)
3. Cereals, muesli, milk, honey, jam, yogurt, fruit, coffee, tea
(choice of cereals, muesli, 3dcl milk, 20g jam, 20g honey, 1 yogurt, fruit, instant coffee with milk or tea, lemon)
4. Sausage, mustard, ketchup, bread, vegetables, coffee, tea 
(3pcs sausage, 3pcs bakery, bread, mustard, ketchup, vegetables, instant coffee with milk or tea, lemon)

Gluten-free breakfast on demand.
Drinks possible to order with breakfast menu.