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Party celebration price list

Basic price calculation 

Manor house (rooms for rent) for the guest of honor and their guests  – €150 (from 12.00 till 10.00 p.m.) or 20€/hour


  • Chateau Standart €10/person (soup, main course)
  • Chateau Classic €12/person (hors d,oeuvre, soup, main course)
  • Chateau Exclusive €12/person (hot buffet)
  • Chateau De Luxe €24/person (hors d´oeuvre, soup, main course, hot buffet)

Drinks, coffee and desserts can be ordered additionally on the menu.

Soft drinks and alcohol

We have an excellent selection of beverages on our menu or you can supply your own drinks (corkage =  € 2/person)

Sweet and savoury snacks

Bring your own (€1/person - fee for service and used inventory)

Services included

  • seating arrangements
  • festive menu on each table
  • parking in the Chateau
  • basic decoration - tablecloths, napkins, Chiffon (november - april)

Additional services 

  • discount accommodation for guests of honor
  • DJ, live music, sound system, folk music - individual price offer

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