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Wedding and Celebration Menu

Hors d'oeuvre

  1. Puff pastry envelope filled with a spicy salad of roast duck
  2. Slices of white cheese pickled in olive oil with chilli peppers on crispy toast  


  1. Homemade chicken soup with bread dumplings and vegetables 
  2. Beef soup with meat, vegetables and celestine noodles 

Main courses

  1. Pork sirloin with a parmesan cheese and fresh herb filling, potato puree with viennese onion 
  2. Turkey roulade with basil and sun-dried tomatoes with feta cheese, slices of grilled vegetables and potatoes 

Special side dishes 

  1. Boiled rice 
  2. American potatoes
  3. Baked potatoes with herb butter
  4. Rice with rosemary                                          

Hot buffet

  1. Crispy fried chicken fillet 
  2. Mini chicken steaks with grilled tomato and herbs 
  3. Thai chicken sauté with vegetables
  4. Wild game Goulash in red wine with cranberries 
  5. Salmon fillet with baby carrots and butter

Side dishes

  1. Carlsbad dumpling
  2. Rice
  3. American potatoes
  4. Blanched vegetables in butter with herbs
  5. Potato salad table
  6. Fruit salad
  7. Vegetable salad with white cheese and olives

Additional courses (supplement to menu price)

  1. Homemade sauerkraut soup with smoked meat and sausage, bread 
  2. Homemade sauerkraut soup with smoked meat and sausage, mushrooms and meatballs, bread

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