Tips for trips

Would you like to get to know the surrounding area of our manor house a little better? Do you want to learn about the history of our spa town; Turčianske Teplice and the other nearby places?

Add another dimension to your stay with us by discovering some of our local treasures listed below.


Turčianske Teplice

    • SPA PARK Located in the southern part of the town set in 14 acres of land with more than 2,300 trees you will find water attractions, well-being and treatments.
    • FOREST PARK BOR  Found on the outskirts of the Great Fatra National Park you can enjoy a nature trail walk starting in the centre of town that will take around 3.5 hours.

  • CHALET NEAR ČREMOŠNÉ You can take an easy green trail through the Bor Forest Park and you will find the chalet below the village of Čremošné. You must not miss the opportunity to try the whey and cheese there! 
  • MIKULÁŠ GALANDA GALLERY This is the birthplace of the famous Slovak modernist painter where there is a permanent exhibition of his work. There are also, occasionally, exhibitions of contemporary artists.   
  • ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH OF SAINT MICHAEL Built in 1264. THE CHAPEL OF JOHN OF NEPOMUK built in 1762 along with an orphanage.

Information for the gourmet 

Koliba Zuzanka.

Turiec region

  • Discovering the beauty of GADER VALLEY - The most beautiful and important valley in the Turiec area of Great Fatra which starts with the village of Blatnica and the Gadersky stream. The upper half is divided into two parts: Vlkanová (Selenec) and Dedošová. Blatnický castle rises above the valley.
  • BLATNICKÁ VALLEY - One of the most beautiful valleys of the Great Fatra stretching 8km, with its good roadways, it is ideal for cycling.
  • ŠÚTOVSKÝ WATERFALL - A two hour light hike to the most beautiful and highest waterfall of the Small Fatra.
  • MOŠOVCE – A historically significant village located 5km north of Turčianske Teplice: the birthplace if the poet Ján Kollár. The Drienok swimming pool is very popular.
  • CASTLE SKLABIŇA + TURIEC CIRCUIT - This is on a route through the Turiec region which provides excellent photographic opportunities at major historical monuments.
  • MARTIN city - It is located at the northern edge of the Turiec basin and was originally a town with city rights. Later, it became the seat of the county and district and in the second half of the 19th century it became the centre of Slovak national life. Nowadays, it is an economic and administrative centre of Turiek with a rich cultural tradition. A culture and history tip: Visit the Matica slovenska which is the museum of Slovak folk architecture in villages and monuments, Slovak Chamber Theatre, Martin.
  • KLÁŠTOR POD ZNIEVOM – Zniev castle.
  • MINERAL SPRINGS OF TURIEC – Visit and taste the mineral spring water in Dubové and Budiš.
  • MARTINSKÉ HOLE – A half-day trip to the touristic resort.
  • TRIP TO OSTRÁ, TLSTÁ - Visit the top of the highest mountain in the nearby side ridge of the Great Fatra.  
  • TRIP TO VYŠEHRAD - A light ascent to a former Slavic settlement on the hill Vyšehrad, 829m.

Other nearby regions

  • ČIČMANY + RAJECKÁ LESNÁ - Tour a folk architecture reservation in Čičmany and the world famous betlehem.
  • KREMNICA – Visit a museum of coins and medals and a museum of Slovak skiing history, a mining museum in the Andrej tunnel, St Catherine’s church, the castle area – the town castle and late-bourgeois house, the Katerina thermal pool.
  • BOJNICE – visit Bojnice castle, ZOO
  • MALÁ FATRA: TERCHOVÁ + VRÁTNA DOLINA - Visit the museum J.Jánošíka and the village Terchová and one of the most beautiful valleys in Slovakia in Malá Fatra.
  • SÚĽOVSKÉ SKALY + BYTČA - Tour of the castle and interior of the Wedding palace in Bytča; easy hike through the rock formations of NNR Súľovské skaly – approximaterly a 2.5 hour walk.
  • KĽAK HIKE - The most beautiful and the only rocky peak at 1,351m on the main ridge of Lúčanská Malá Fatra, it is approximately a 2 hour hike.
  • ŽILINA + HRAD BUDATÍN - A walk through Budatín castle and unique exhibition of pottery mending.
  • ORAVSKÝ HRAD - Visit the legendary caslte.
  • UNESCO-VLKOLÍNEC + BRANKOVSKÝ WATERFALL - Visit the declared UNESCO world heritage site and try the easy hike to the highest waterfall in the Lower Tatras.
  • ORAVA CIRCUIT - Visit wooden houses in the folk architecture reservation, take a boat trip on the Orava Dam and visit the Slanica island and galleries.