Accomodation Terms and Rules
Manor-house - Chateau DIVA - Turčianske Teplice

  • A guest who is interested in our hotel accommodation must properly register at the reception upon arrival at the hotel, where he will present a valid ID card, passport, or other valid photo ID.
  • By signing in at the reception, the hotel guest agrees to comply with the "Accommodation Rules".
  • By signing in at the reception, each accommodated guest agrees to pay the bill for the accommodation and services provided in advance, at the time of accommodation.
  • Upon arrival, the guest receives 1 set of keys at the reception, which contains the key to the main entrance to the building and the key to the apartment itself.
  • Check-In (until 20:00) and Check Out (until 10:00) times can only be changed after agreement with the reception staff and paying a corresponding fee (depending on the time agreed).
  • In case the room that was booked in the reservation is not available for the guest at the time of accommodation, the hotel can offer a replacement room, while the price for the room must not exceed the amount agreed in the reservation.
  • If the guest asks for an extension of their accommodation the hotel reserves the right to offer a different room depending on the booked rooms status and availability.
  • There is a strict no-smoking policy in the entire hotel area except for the designated smoking areas outside. The failure to comply with the no-smoking policy can lead to a fine up to 300€ and an immediate cancellation of the accommodation.
  • Open fire is strictly prohibited in the entire hotel area including the adjacent garden.
  • Parking in the hotel is available for the accommodated guests only.
  • The guest can receive visitors outside the hotel building only, and it is strictly forbidden to use the pool, children's corner, outdoor equipment, and facilities by persons who are not accommodated in the hotel.
  • For safety reasons, it is not allowed to leave children under the age of 10 unattended in the hotel premises or near the pool or trampoline.
  • From 10:00 p.m. until 06:00 are silent hours. During this time, the our guests are required to not disturb other guests with actions like loud singing, loud television volume, shouting, etc. in rooms, corridors, and other hotel premises.
  • It is forbidden to perform any kind of rearrangements in the rooms or hotel premises like moving the furniture, tampering with electrical or water installations, etc. without prior consultation and permission from the hotel staff. 
  • The hotel keeps forgotten guest items for a period of 1 month and sends it to the owners only upon their own request and at their own expense.
  • Hotel staff are authorized to enter the guest's room in necessary cases, such as cleaning, maintenance, in the event of a equipment malfunction, providing first aid, etc.
  • If the guest has devalued or damaged the hotel's equipment in any way, they are obliged to report it to the reception immediately, but no later than until the time of their departure.
  • Hotel guests are allowed to bring dogs or other small pets to the room only after agreement with the reception staff and upon fulfillment of the conditions sent with the reservation confirmation. Otherwise, the accommodation facility reserves the right not to accommodate the potential guest. 
  • The parking lot is unguarded, and the hotel holds no responsibility for any loss or damage of property that the guest left in their car.
  • We kindly ask our guests not to use towels for removing make-up or wiping dirty shoes. In the event of towel deterioration caused by such behavior, the hotel will demand financial compensation from the guest.
  • Towels are changed only after longer stay, that is after every six nights. It is possible to change the towel sooner for a fee (2€ for small towel, 4€ for large bath towel).
  • The pool is available during the summer season, depending on the weather, from 9:00 a.m. to 7-8:00 p.m., or by agreement. It is strictly forbidden for both adults and children to jump into the pool. It is also forbidden to enter the pool with sharp objects, or to throw stones and other foreign objects into it.Wearing a swimsuit (not underwear) is compulsory. 
  • In the event of a fire, the guest follows the fire regulations, which are placed in each hotel room.
  • The reception staff/operations manager accepts the complaints of the accommodated guests and any suggestions for improving the operation of the hotel are welcome.
  • The hotel guests are obliged to follow and comply with the "Accommodation Rules". In case the guest violates the "Accommodation Rules", the hotel reserves the right to withdraw from providing accommodation or any another service, even before the end of the agreed period of stay.
  • In case the guest violates the provisions of the hotel rules in a serious manner, the hotel has, according to § 759 from 2 of the Civil Code, the right to immediately withdraw from the contract for accommodation services.

in Turčianske Teplice, 1.1.2023