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The Turiec Basin is surrounded on three sides by the edges of the Great and Small Fatra national parks, closed in the south by the Kremnica hills and Žiar. You can walk through them on 59 marked trails with 12 turns. Within the 492 km you will discover a wealth of unique natural beauty, fauna and flora within two national parks and 34 protected areas. You can walk along the typical Turiec landscape with an attractive panorama of surrounding mountains, rock formations, waterfalls, caves and valleys formed by mountain streams.

Our tips

  • Experience the beauty of the Gaderská valley
  • Visit the Blatnica castle
  • Try the OSTRÁ and TLSTÁ hike in the Great Fatra
  • Visit the Strečno castle
  • Visit Malofatranský Kľak and the largest wooden Bethlehem crèche in Europe
  • Take a trip to Vyšehrad

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There are 415km of marked and maintained biking trails which will help you discover the beautiful nature and history of Turiec. Newly built observation towers ensure visitors an optimum view of the surrounding mountains. You can choose a leisurely route or paths with steeper passages for those seeking more of a thrill. For the enthusiasts there are more challenging routes with steep, challenging, gradients.

Our tips for biking

Turiec cycling route

The longest 55km route goes through almost the whole of the Turiec valley, from Vrútky to Turčianske Teplice and you will find 3 observation towers and 1 cycle rest on it.

Tank road 

This road uses a former military road and is used only for cycling. The route is 15km long and 5m wide. It crosses the hillside of Lúčanská Malá Fatra, villages Bystrička, Trebostovo, Trnovo, Turč, Peter and leads you on to Valča. Do not miss the view from the Bystrička observiation tower - you will be rewarded with a magnificient panorama of the Turiec valley.

Themed cycle routes focusing on Turčianska history

A connection between cycling and history for those, who enjoy sports and history at the same time! This route takes you along places of significant historical value for Turiec and Slovakia in general.

Spa & Aquapark
Turčianske Teplice

Thermal pool Vieska
Turčianske Teplice

Summer pool in the park next to the manor
Chateau DIVA

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